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Created 6-Jun-18
Modified 6-Jun-18
The ConFuzzled 2018 Photoshoot this year promised to transport the daring fursuiter or cosplayer into a fantastic gaming surrounding, where the laws of physics did not apply.

So with that an epic 645 daring individuals and couples appeared to defy those very laws of physics and step though the portal!

Making this photoshoot possible are the fearless distorters of the laws of physics, Malamutt and EZ Wolf. Coming to the rescue and keeping us not only sane during the photoshot, but wrangling all you fabulous fuzzy creatures are the wonderful Jake and Stewart. Without their help things would be on fire and and way less awesome! I think they deserve a massive massive thank you!

One a more personal note,
This unforgettable photoshoot is the 11th year in a string of unique moments not only for me and EZ Wolf, but we hope for all of you too! These moments like being thrust down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole to being blasted in to otter space on a giant red rocket are ones we never going to forget!

Every year, from the very first ConFuzzled we have strived to take convention photography to the next level. We like to look back at the first ConFuzzled and the simple photoshoot it was, to 11 years later and where we are today. I think I can safely say that that we have taken our photoshoot not only to the next level, but to one of the most unique and unforgettable photoshoots there is. Throughout the years we hoped that the way we design and run our photoshoots would inspire other convention photoshoots to break away from the simple shoots and make something amazing.

Thank you so much for being part of the journey these last 11 years, we are going to miss you all!
But don’t be too sad, we will be back at ConFuzzled just without our cameras.

Enjoy the photos!
Malamutt & EZ Wolf