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Created 17-Jul-17
Modified 17-Jul-17
Fursuit Photoshoot 2017

For this special 10 years of ConFuzzled, we once again threw out the rulebook of conventional boring photoshoot backgrounds. In a move that gave our finance ferrets heart attacks, we came up with the best background of all… YOU! Thats right; we cloned you over and over again live as the background.
This year, the photoshoot team, Malamutt and EZ Wolf had the help of some awesome volunteers who stepped in and really helped making the experience so much more awesome! A huge thanks goes out to Jake ‘Fur-YetUnnammed’ and Danny Wolf. Huge thanks go out to the ConFuzzled technical team who pulled miracles with our blown projector. They managed to find a replacement and get it to us the same the day. Without them, there would have been only half the photos.