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Created 29-May-15
Modified 15-Jan-16
This year's photoshoot titled 'Down the Rabbit Hole' was inspired from the film 'Alice in Wonderland' and as a result we decided to construct our own rabbit hole.

The rabbit hole is a 1:12 scale model of a rabbit hole constructed by from paper mache and decorated with doll house furniture. The idea was to closely match the film as if you were actually falling down the rabbit hole. The set is all real and there are no fancy Photoshop or any other tricks going on here, this is all real! You can see more in the behind scenes album to follow shortly about how we achieved this. The tunnel took around 30ish ish hours of combined effort of EZ Wolf and Malamutt to construct and a quick trip to a doll house convention. Many thanks to EZ Wolf and KwisA for their help during the photoshoot for without them none of this would be possible.

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